Currently living in south-east London suburbia

my name is Alasdair.

I am very passionate about electronic music and as amc,
I have been active in that space in a variety of ways.


I have been DJing for many years, playing at venues across the UK including Spiritland (London, UK).

Radio show

I host a monthly radio show called New Seeds which has been broadcasting for over four years.

Writing and podcast

I’ve written reviews and interviews for a number of the electronic music zines and host, write and edit a monthly podcast for Gated Recordings titled Timelock.


As a new avenue, through a combination of self-discovery and ever-burning passion, I am now embarking on a path to create electronic music.

On this site you can find the latest amc news from where I’m DJing to the broadcast schedule for New Seeds including where to listen-in live and how to playback archived shows.

My blog tells the journey of creating music and why I made the decision to turn from casual hobby to something more focused. Perhaps you’ll take a nugget of inspiration to your similar ambitions.

If you’d like to get in touch directly you can email me at this address I do respond to all enquiries. You can also find me at the usual social media spots.