You might have heard that statement with darker undertones but not this time. It’s been a long eight months since the last blog, so this update is different to previous editions since there are big changes afoot that I’m mega-happy to share with you.

Everybody loves good music

Last summer I realised I’d put too much pressure on myself to write, produce and release a track before the end of the year. I’d turned a positive learning experience into a negative disengaged process. I wasn’t thinking clearly and was struggling with the technology. After some soul searching I grabbed back control and combined an Ableton refresher weekend course at Point Blank studios with some light music theory. Many years ago, I used to play Tenor Horn (last seen looking cool by Ewan McGregor) and got to the heady heights of grade 5/6 so I used to know my scales, arpeggios, major 5th’s and diminished triads.

Our instructor Vern (yep, one half of “Get Up! Go Insane!” fame) was superb with his approach to creating and producing a track from scratch really resonating with me.

Two days work at Point Blank – Mac struggles not included

So, like riding a bike (more on that later), refocused and charged, I now have all the components for a track and I’ve started stitching it all together. This is a big step forward and it feels like I’m over the hump. More to come.

Onwards and upwards

Creating music has been a massive challenge so at times last year it was a relief to return to New Seeds and the enjoyment of broadcasting and talking about the music. It’s taken over three years to really get into the groove and build a small but perfectly formed audience. Last autumn the time was right to find an electronic music station that could help move New Seeds to the next level.

That proved tricky but as mentioned in a previous blog, if you put the effort in and ask the universe, it will provide an answer, and, in this case, it came from a recommendation from Gated Records (check out New Seeds show 42 for brilliant guest mix they put together).

I’m over the moon to announce that starting on Monday 23 March 20:00 GMT and every four weeks, New Seeds will be broadcast live on bloop. I’ll be using a proper studio and it will be streamed live across all major platforms including YouTube. Whilst I’ll miss the DIY feel at home, it’s going to be a great learning experience that I’m sure will open the door to new opportunities.

Send it!

I watched a TED talk recently that talked about having a side hustle. On reflection I have four which feels about right! Creating music is one, New Seeds is two and the third is mountain biking, which has an extra layer with my borderline obsession with Kona Bikes. I realise this may be of little to no interest to you’re here for the music, so I’ll keep this short and say I’ve been selected to join the Kona Ambassador programme.

Where’s amc?

If you’d like to know more about that, check out the Kona Cog where across the next two years myself and 70 other ambassadors from across the globe will be sharing our stories and experiences. There will be a music connection in the content I put together so stay tuned for that.

Until next time…

Thank you for getting this far. There’s more but that’s enough for now. I’d really appreciate it if you could share this with anyone you know who’d be interested in what I do and if you can tune-in live or replay the next edition of New Seeds on 23 March that would be wonderful! Remember, anyone who subscribes to will receive a free 60-minute mix of electronic goodness.

Normal blog service will resume and as ever I love hearing from you; what’s new in your world?

Spotters badge to where this is and what the music connection is

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