Two months since the last blog entry and I’ve learnt two big lessons. One is I have a limited capacity for projects. The universe reminded me that I function better when I focus on a small number of activities; less is more. With so much going on recently as much as I felt like I needed to spend time away to experiment with music, it would have encroached on the here and now which I’ve since learnt from Soen Ozeki, is more important.

The second reason why making music had hit the wall was a total lack of inspiration. I simply didn’t pay this enough attention. I knew I had no firm ideas other than a concept and all the pieces after you’ve made a track like artwork and distribution. I had to find an idea and I didn’t know how. I reverted to type and made the process structured, treating it like point A to B learning exercise. Apart from the KLF version there’s no manual on how to find or spark an idea and so this approach fell flat on its face.

Speaking to the universe I asked that my holiday to Japan with my partner in crime be the catalyst for an idea. It responded when I least expected it, amongst one of the new experiences there was a split-second when my brain said, “hang on…what if I…”. Suddenly I had a melody and over the next 48 hours, the basis of a track.

Now the technical challenge really begins. Translating the idea and sound I hear in my head into something I can refine and improve with Live and Push. I don’t know if it’ll sound decent but this is what I want to learn and experience. At least I can dial into the plethora of resources plus I’m taking practical steps to get out of the YouTube tutorial bubble for first-hand help.

When you’re seeking ideas and inspiration what steps do you take? Does it come naturally?

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  • Thanks for your post – great to hear from you.

    The environment and state of mind – for me at least – are the 2 most influential factors to creativity. Getting those 2 right, in tandem or individually, will result in something. And I remember reading years ago, as long we do something – anything – then something will happen. In other words, even in the desert, you can still make a sandcastle, or have fun surfing down a sand dune. (Speaking of deserts, an essential read: )

    The challenge has been creating something from nothing, a far less tangible “thing” whilst learning the equipment, a much more tangible A to B way of working. Flicking between these 2 states of mind makes the experience and results feel and sound really muddy.

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